Well Howdy

Suddenly it wasn’t lightening anymore. It was the grey after the storm. Suddenly the ocean was murkier than the blue you believed. And suddenly now you’re sea sick.
“You were never ready for an ocean”, she’ll whisper.
But you’ll see that the sea is never what you ever thought it to be.


Me as a good friend: *supports and encourages ur hoe activities*


Timber Wolf by Brian Cross


whats it like to be hot enough that people take ur picture when ur in public without u knowing

I can hear it. When you think nobody is noticing around you and your lips purse in thoughts. I can hear it.
Your blood singing out loud as it pushes through your body.
That’s what you’re doing right? Pushing through in this body.
And in that moment time slips and the beautiful hum of your blood is making my ears full. Your eye lashes will flutter the secrets you never told. And I can hear it. Soft as a butterfly I have heard you.

But when the morning sunlight filters through your window. And what was so consumed mere minutes ago by blackness faithfully recedes; I am free.